"Welcome to our ENG 220 class wiki !"

What is a Wiki?

'Wikis are collaborative "subject-based archives". Anyone using the wiki can create or modify the text...wikis are shared rather than personal space' (Godwin-Jones,2003)

This wiki belongs to all the students of the Department of Internet and Communication Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology taking ENG 220 this semester.

The purpose is to familiarize you with using it to express yourself through creating and editing webpages collaboratively.
The aims:
(1) to contribute to our ENG 220 course wiki,
(2) to project your work(assignments, presentations)
(3) to share opinions, answer questions and participate in discussions.

I hope this will be a valuable new experience for all!

Warmest wishes for a fruitful semester,

Stavroulla Hadjiconstantinou s.hadjiconstantinou@cut.ac.cy

Course Description

This course aims to acquaint students with the English terminology in Communication studies and give them the opportunity to involve themselves in producing different types of communication media. Media sources may include, among others, the internet, newspapers, and television. Oral work will include discussions of topics and other speaking projects, such as social conversation, debates, small groups, public speaking, news panels, and interviews. Students will also study different types of print media and write news stories, analyze coverage of national events, and write in other print media genres.

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